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Aerial film basic package costs 150,- Euro. You will get a short HD video or 10 HD photos of your choice. If you want just some aerial photos or a video of your property, that's the best offer you can get in this business.

Aerial professional package costs 250,- Euro day rate, including up to 15 min. of hd footage. In most cases 1-2 sessions are enough for all the aerial footage. You will get the raw footage with a first cut. Of course we can create a complete movie with this footage as well, if you wish so.

For complete marketing video we charge 250,- Euro per minute for the final film with aerial and/or ground video. Depending on what kind of background music you want there is a total of ca. 25,- Euro on top for this. This may vary if we have to travel a lot  or use complicate special effects. In any case you will get a fixed price before we start.

For complete larger film projects, we offer a reduced, individual price for the complete project, started from 250,- Euro per min. but with a discount on that. Please contact us for a fixed price for your project.


In this case we cannot specify a price here, because the projects are very different. Our management is different to what you might know so far. We setup this operating system for efficiency reasons and to lower the production costs. The director and cameraman is one person. The co-director is a person of your project and has exact knowledge of the topic. The preparation time and research action are on a low price. You are very welcome to contact us for a specific price range of your project and we can offer a fixed price for the total project before we start.

P.S. All drone flights are covered by an international assurance in case of damage goods or people!