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Documentaries for Internet, TV and Cinema  
"Namrin" - a film about the "Lisu" hilltribe, former Opium farmers
"PMR - India" - a film about the slums of Delhi
"BFT" - a film about an NGO in Cambodia
"Melancholy" - a drone video over the island "Koh Samui"

Marketing Films for Internet and TV

implemented at: www.hochhuth.de

implemented at: www.mystichilltribe.com

Architecture Videos


an example of our steady copter flights without shaking

implemented soon at: www.abkaupp.de

Film Animation and Event Videos  
 Film animation  Event Video - "Circo Social do Brasil" in Cambodia

Drone Videos from board and ground camera
 Drone Video over "Pai" in North-West Thailand  Drone Testflight over the "Pai Canyon"