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Marketing Movies

Business presentations in trailers of 0,5 - 5 min. for Internet, Television and Cinema. Together with you, we create an image of your business as a trailer or complete presentation, including aerial footage to show the quality, size and content of your products and services. You can also get just raw footage to add this to your existing presentation.


Research, storyline, film shooting, editing and converting to any data file format is our complete service for you. High definition footage, well directed and realized is the result of our work. You are welcome to be part of directing the film and by this put the focus where you want it.

Additional Services

If you run a film project, we can offer parts of our services such as aerial filming.

P.S. All drone flights are covered by an international assurance up to 2 million Euro in case of damage goods or people!

Have a look at the copter: copter-details